Orphan’s All 5K “Wog”

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Aylas Project 3 Comments

This SaturEmmalie and Jace after their raceday Doug, Jace and me participated in RiverTree Christian Church’s, Orphan’s All 5K race.  The Mitzel family also joined us in the event.  So Emmalie and Jace ran in the Kid’s Run.  He was not too awake yet, so he is not looking too chipper in the pictures.  But by the time the race was over and the two of them got to go play on the playground and the inflatables, he was all about that! 

The 5K was either a run or walk, but Doug insisted that we were going to run.  I knew he was crazy, but I figured we could try.   We ended up wogging it!  No that is not a typo.  We would jog  then have to stop and walk, then jog and then have to walk longer…..  Doug tried being all enthusiastic and encouraging (like a good coach would be) to keep me running or run a little longer each time, but I was just worried (since we are NOT in shape)about passing out or having a heart attack and not finishing the race.  He’d say, “You are an athlete!  Come on lets run it out to this next street.  You don’t want to be caught walking!”  And I’d say,  “It’s OK you go ahead.  I will catch up when I can.   I’m quite fine with walking it out!”  (lol,lol)  It was a good time for the two of us to do together.  (even though we had no business trying to run it/wog it!   lol )

After the race, we stuck around for the announcement of the winners and fellowship.  What a wonderful church with a very special ministry.  They have a very large adoption and foster support group at their church called “Born In Our Hearts.”  This group is hosted by families that have already adopted or fostered, but it is also open to couples considering adoption.  The group consists of both church members and is also open to non church members.  This race was one of the many organized races in the ohiochallengeseries.com.  But we have been blessed with meeting a couple of the lovely families that attend this church, and were encouraged to come and enjoy the event with them.  What a nice family event celebrating and embracing adoption.  There is a large number of families at this church that  have adopted internationally.  An example of this church’s passion for this ministry is evidenced by the different international flags at mast in front of their church, representative of many of the countries their families have adopted children from.  In all their diversity of types of adoptions, places adopted from, and fostering they all have something in common – they love the Lord, their children, and family.  We felt this excitement and sense of church and community support extended to their group members and even us just meeting them for the 1st time.   Doug and I  are currently being educated about these orphan’s: their culture, their reasons often put up for adoption, their conditions in the orphanages or foster care, their loss of their birth parents, and common attachment disorders from all these factors.  What a great resource and support system to have this community of families that too have adopted orphans from across the world.  Both the parents, siblings and the adopted child will find comfort and support in this like network.  May God continue to bless this church and these families.  We look forward to getting more involved with BIOH’s.  Thank you for a wonderful morning, and congratulations to all the participants and to BIOH for a great event.Doug and Jace sporting our family's adoption T-shirts


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  1. Ellie says:

    Looks like a fun day! Love the t-shirts :)

  2. Allison marsden says:

    What a great event…and wogging it still gets you past the finish line. Good for you!

  3. Beth says:

    AWESOME!! Great event and I’m proud of all of you! The shirts are great!

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